Powerful and fast

Orbit is fitted with an extremely powerful search algorithm that allows the user to customize and create elaborate searches in immense amounts of data. Based on some of the same principles that powers Google, all information and knowledge in Orbit are indexed and structured into a designated search engine which is able to deliver intelligent search results in the blink of an eye. 

By combining hundreds of variables, the system is able to “guess” what you are looking for instead of just listing results alphabetically or chronologically. Orbit Search both provides the possibility for deep searches as well as advanced filtering of results.

Customizable for specific needs

For each Orbit solution the search engine is configured to match the individual needs of the organization in relation to how searches are done, and what the typical user is looking for. The system can be fitted with a range of advanced search tools, such as auto-suggest, index search, saved searches, sharing of search results and more. 

The same search function is used throughout Orbit no matter if you are looking for a certain file in Document Management, an employee with a specific skill set in Profiles or a project where you only know the customer and the contact person. Orbit will deliver lightning fast search results presented to give you the best possible overview. Results will be sorted based on relevance getting you even closer to what you are looking for.