Introducing Orbit 5.0

We are excited to announce the release of Orbit 5.0. 

This release means that you will experience a multitude of new features and design optimizations. This is the largest improvement of your Orbit solution to date. Orbit now handles even more of your organization’s valuable data, making it even more capable to assist in your daily work routines.

Implementing new IT systems is often a cause for concern. But with Orbit 5.0 there is no need to worry: We added a brand-new integrations framework, which reduces the work required to implement the platform into your organization.

We make you work smarter

At Orbit, we make decisions that are informed by input from our customers. With the release of Orbit 5.0, we go even further and supply you with the edge that is needed to stay ahead, across multiple industries and varying types of organizations.

Orbit 5.0 introduces hundreds of new features and enhancements requested by our growing customer base throughout Europe and the US. 

We are here and ready to give a personal tour of the Orbit business management solutions. Contact today.

Selected extensions

Orbit for Outlook 

Orbit integrates seamlessly with Outlook thereby making it easy to get information from Outlook to Orbit - and back. Emails, contacts, files and more.

Orbit for mobile

Keep your organization connected on the go, by adding Orbit for Mobile to your suite of modules. 

Time tracker

Most knowledge-based organizations depend on tracking and billing each employees working hours. The easier it gets - the more accurate the billing will be. 

Orbit for Power BI

Combine the power of Orbit and PowerBI via direct data exchange and thereby visualize valuable business data from Orbit instantly and out-of-the-box.

Selected clients

The right people need the right tools

Your people are your most valuable resource. And the Orbit solution is an essential part of making the most of your every day life at work. We make you work smarter. 

We work closely with clients from industries such as engineering, construction, consulting, architecture, industrial machinery and public service and we’ve seen, first hand, how our platform has been a crucial part of generating overview, ease and structure of their many projects.

What can we do for you?

Do you need a project management system, a better overview of employee competencies, a new resource management system or a better way of handling files and documents - or all of the above?

In order to experience the full power of Orbit - you need to see it for yourself.  Reach out to get a guided tour. Orbit provides a solution for your organization and powers everything from small companies to global corporations. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook and take a look.