Maximal reuse and flexibility

When working with specific content, such as references, CVs or product descriptions, it is often beneficial to be able to create variations. By using variations it is possible to put a different angle on things. Maybe a person hold many different competencies that fit nicely together into different skill sets, or maybe a project is suitable to be used to capture the attention of several different customer segments. 

Variations lets you turn your original content into a master version and then create as many different angles on the master as you want. It is possible to change headlines, pictures and texts, while still keeping a close connection between other sorts of content, such as project number, employee initials or other data that are fetched directly from an HR-system, ERP or AD.

Preserve all data context

In short - Variations lets you customize your content more freely, without making changes to the original. These customizations that would otherwise be made locally on your computer - and thereby most likely be lost to others in the organization, are saved together with the original. This means that content and knowledge can be improved over time without any risk of corrupting the original data.