Maintain the full overview

In larger organizations it can be very difficult - yet extremely important to know exactly which employees hold which skills and qualifications. Orbit Profiles is fitted with an advanced skill management system that allows all users to update and maintain their own skills, qualifications, educations, certifications et cetera. 

It is also possible to create notifications for specific certifications in order to remind the holder as well as HR about when they are due for renewal.

There are many benefits of having a good skill management system. It gives the human resource department an excellent overview of all resources in the organization and provides a great tool in relation to staff development and training as well as knowing when to recruit new ressources for the organization.

Find skills throughout all offices and countries

A good skill management system also encourages cross-organizational knowledge sharing, as it becomes much easier to find people elsewhere in the organization with a specific skill set. This is also valuable in relation to large tenders and internal projects where managing the project team becomes much easier - even if you do not know the people needed for the project. 

Orbit Advanced Search is of course built into the skill management allowing the user to do elaborate searches on multiple skill combinations to find the perfect person for the job.