Define and follow

With Project Templates, companies can define a set project or process model to be followed every time. Within this model, folders, files and procedures are incorporated at specific points. This means that even complex projects can be created within minutes and are easy to follow. In this way, new projects are always based on the appropriate template thereby ensuring best practice.

Collaborators are guided through processes making sure that company standards are followed every time. This promotes efficiency and creates a continuity in work practice that makes evaluation and comparative analysis of projects easier. Furthermore, it also eases the training of new personnel since there are guides for particular processes.

Project Templates can also be used to divide projects into small, medium or large projects and by doing so, each project only contains information relevant to the given project type. This way Orbit helps remove unwanted "noise" from the work area.

Additionally, templates have the capability of integrating document templates thereby making the difficulties of handling and protecting master documents a thing of the past.