Single sign-on

Microsoft AD (Active Directory) is a industry leading standard for authorizing users on internal networks. Once logged into the company AD, the user will have access to all systems and services integrated with the AD. 

Orbit can be easily be integrated with AD using Kerberos or ADFS authentication protocol meaning that there will be no need for usernames and passwords when accessing Orbit. 

An Orbit AD-integration also means that all management of users' personal base data is handled directly in the AD and transferred automatically to Orbit. This saves both time and resources, as data only need to be managed in one place. 

Data reuse and central management

Based on how AD is set up within the organization, it may be possible to transfer even more information into Orbit. Information such as location, title, immediate superior, department, language settings et cetera can be highly relevant in relation to personal profiles. 

AD data also open up the possibility to use the hierarchical structure of the AD to create elaborate organizational charts and dashboards giving an easy-to-use graphical representation of how the organization is structured and how employees connect to each other.