Focus on content - not design

Exports are set up during the implementation of the Orbit solution, and individual export templates are created. Obviously, different organizations will want to export different types of information. Most commonly are CVs, references, case stories and articles, but also project overviews and tasks as well as project team lists can be relevant to export.

Templates are designed specifically for the organization to make sure that the visual identity of the organization is consistent with the templates made. Templates are made in either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF.

Easy to use

The export framework supports a large range of features including a "shopping basket" where items selected for export is stored. Orbit Export also gives you the possibility to select specific information in a CV or case story that you want to export - and leave out the rest.

The basket is saved, enabling users to refine their exports over time and share them with others.

Content can also be exported as raw data allowing for imports into other systems.