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Orbit Reference is a unique system for managing company references and cases. Originally developed for the construction and engineering industry it is designed to make it easy to create custom-built reference lists for public tenders and procurements. However, the system also supports creation and export of one- or multipage case stories.

Most organizations maintain their references either in a database or in individual Word/InDesign/Publisher files located on a shared drive. In Orbit Reference, these two options are combined. References and cases are created through a form where the different information, prices and services are filled in. Pictures and logos are uploaded and the reference is categorized based on industry, department and customer segment. Furthermore, a project team can be selected from Profile in Orbit.

Orbit uses an advanced export system, that takes all the information and transforms it into professionally designed references and case stories by using pre-defined templates specifically designed for each organization. The system exports to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx.

Extension Modules


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know when to update certain projects.


Orbit Reference can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing time spent typing in info.

Language support

With language support it is possible to add multiple languages to a solution. This means that references can be translated into several languages.


References can be exported through a very flexible export engine that allows the user to define exactly what information they would like to export.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.

Security and hosting

A number of security measures and backup procedures are in place to make sure that your data is safe and protected. 


Variations lets you create several different versions of references and CVs, thereby allowing for different angles on the same projects or people.

Image library

With the Orbit Image library, it is possible to use the same pictures for multiple references in a fast, easy and intuitive manner. 

Additional information about Orbit Reference

Orbit Reference can be integrated with Orbit Profile. Information on each project participant is then transferred to the reference/case - and project information from the reference/case is transferred to the CV of the individual participants. This cuts away a huge amount of redundant work, as CVs are to a large extent updated with new projects automatically.

Orbit Reference allows for automatic creation of references based on project data from Orbit Project however it is also possible to integrate the reference management system with other back-office systems, such as third-party project management systems or ERP. Combined with an elaborate notification system, it is possible to send out emails to project managers and QA administrators in order to help the organization in collecting and producing the information and data required to generate professional references and cases. The notifications can also be used in relation to quality assurance, as certain key staff members receive emails when references they are responsible for are changed by other employees. Custom workflows can be designed to accommodate the exact needs of the organization.

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