Make external sharing easy

The possibility of inviting external partners and clients directly into Orbit makes sharing of knowledge, files and documents so much easier. Normally memos and documents will be emailed back and forth between clients and external partners. By using Orbit Project all relevant documents can be shared in one easily accessible place online.

Orbit Project with External invite can be integrated with Orbit Notifications to automatically send out emails to externals when important documents are changed or new files are added.

With advanced security and access control it is possible to control exactly which parts of Orbit any externals should have access to, making sure they only see what you want them to see.

Keep your project history safe!

Another great aspect of External Invite is the fact that it moves a lot of critical information away from your email inbox and into Orbit. This means that important documents, files and agreements are located on the project, and thereby available to the rest of the project team - even if your computer crashes or you go on vacation. Documents can be stored as read-only, making sure that agreements and contracts are kept safe for the future. 

Moving your correspondence and documents into Orbit also means that other employees working with other clients in the future on other projects can benefit from the work you have done. Maybe there are templates or process descriptions that can be reused. Or maybe a winning proposal can be utilized with minor changes.