What is Orbit Resource?

Orbit Resource is an easy way to get a thorough overview of the workload within your business area, department, team or a certain professional group or skill.

The module functions similarly to the Gantt view in Orbit Project, meaning that resources will be on one axis, and time/period on the other axis.

For each person it is possible to "place assignment blocks" each representing a project or task. For each of these blocks it is possible to adjust the time period the person will be engaged in this project or task. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the expected workload in percent for each task or project. 

The resource management module integrates seamlessly with Orbit Project, making all projects a person is assigned to show up on that person's resource management detail view, making it easy to define the workload of each project.
In order to give you the best possible overview, Orbit Resource can be configured with detailed filters, allowing you to get a resource overview of a subset of employees based on different criteria defined on each person's profile such as:
  • Department
  • Area of responsibility
  • Geography
  • Skill or qualification
  • Employee type or title
This makes it possible to get a detailed workload overview of a certain group of people based on a certain criterion i.e. workload overview of all project managers within a department or the workload of all employees with a certain certification or skill. 

Extension modules

Skill management

Keep an overview of exactly which employees hold certain skills. Skills can be added on multiple levels from novice to expert.

Access control

Access control lets you control which users should have access to certain information and features. You can have as many access levels as you like.


Orbit Intranet can be integrated with other systems such as ERP, project management or websites, thereby reducing time spent typing in info.

Active Directory (AD)

Integration with Active Directory makes several usernames and passwords a thing of the past. Once logged into your computer - you have access!