Gain insight into your organizational data

Orbit has developed an easy-to-use plugin for Power BI that allows you to use live data from Orbit to make advanced analysis and dashboards. 

Orbit for Power BI allows you to filter through your different data sets from sales activities, companies, projects, tasks, hour/time expenditure etc. 

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and allows for endless possibilities when it comes to combining and cross-referencing data, be it for presentations or reports. You can even make your own live dashboard, showing your sales pipeline filtered by industry, geography, or department.

We want to make it even better...

We have constructed an extremely flexible data framework,which allows us to continue exposing more data from Orbit to Power BI, and as such, we are very excited to get your input and learn how you want to use it, so that we can improve it and add even more possibilities. So if you are already using Orbit and are interested in combining it with Power BI - feel free to reach out to us with new ideas.

If you are not using Orbit but are curious about the possibilities - don't hesitate to contact us.