What is Orbit Sales?

Firstly, it is a user friendly CRM system which allows users to manage customers, clients, activities, and proposals and to contact customers and clients directly - fast, clean, and in full integration with the rest of the Orbit platform.

Secondly, it is an innovative way of bringing externals onto the Orbit platform. People in charge of client contact may be granted access to their own projects, thereby allowing them to see and work directly in Orbit with employees at your organisation. Because of Orbit’s advanced rights management system, it is possible to make specific things accessible for different users, for instance parts of the news and event feeds, or specific wiki-articles.

In short, Orbit is not only managing and organising contact and connections to clients and customers – it is also managing externals’ access to the entire Orbit platform.



Orbit Sales can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or HR systems, thereby reducing redundancy and feeding sales information back to other systems.


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know about events in the system or to-dos.

Outlook plugin

Orbit for Outlook integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and makes it easy to save emails directly to a project or a CRM activity. 

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.

Additional information about Orbit Sales

Orbit Sales is designed as a hierarchical structure with different possibilities at each level.

The first level is clients/customers. Here it is possible to manage the total list of customer/client organizations as well as all base information. Customers and clients can be imported from any ERP-system, but integration the other way around is also possible, meaning that customers created within Orbit can be exported to other systems.  

The second level is contact persons with each client/customer. A contact person can of course also be fitted with relevant information and contact details. This level also includes a log for each contact person showing an overview of all activities and log entries related to this person. Furthermore it is possible to "transfer" a contact person from one company to another, in case the person gets a new job. In this way it is easy to maintain the relation, while at the same time keeping track of previous employments and projects. 

The third level is activities. An activity can be initiated by a contact person with a client/customer. The activity can be transferred to another contact person - or the activity itself can be assigned to another responsible. An activity holds a state based on how far in the sales process it is: Lead, Follow-up, Tender, Contract, Win. Once an activity moves into the tender-phase, it is possible to add financial figure estimates, win chance and estimated turnover. Once an activity has been won, it is possible to initiate a project based on the activity, thereby providing a link back to the CRM sales process. This allows the future project team to easily go back and review what has been discussed throughout the sales process. Consecutively - the contact persons related to the activity can be transferred to become part of the external project team, which can then easily be invited to the project. 

Orbit Sales also provides a number of dashboards to provide overview of ongoing activities throughout the organization, department specific activities as well as personal to-do lists, based on activities that an individual is responsible for. Orbit features a very flexible dashboard engine, meaning that it is possible to create custom dashboards to keep track of everything from average "lifetime" of activities, to sales pipeline and win rate over time or departments.