Optimize performance and resource allocation

Orbit Manufacturing is a module-based platform. It comes with a lot of presets and can be configured to fit the needs of the individual manufacturing company. 

Orbit Manufacturing covers the following areas:
  • Delivery management
  • Resource management
  • Certificate & Competence management
  • File and document management
Depending on the existing IT environment, data can either be migrated to Orbit or easily integrated.


Projects usually consist of a variety of information originating from a variety of systems and data sources. Companies often face the challenges that people across the organization needs to access this variety of information. In order to do so they need to access different systems to get an overview of one project. Typical challenges which can be solved with Orbit Manufacturing are:
  • Accessing data in the ERP is often time intensive
  • Intuitive overview of project and resource planning in the ERP is difficult to create
  • Project information and documentation is distributed over several systems and network drives.

Perfect transparency and one truth

No matter where your data originates from or how difficult it is to get a complete picture of the resource and performance, Orbit Manufacturing brings together all your data in one place. That includes:
  • Project progress
  • Estimate vs actual time spend
  • Project turnover and cost
  • Handling resource bottlenecks
  • Project documentation
  • Making sure resource skills match future cases/projects needs