Competitive edge

Being in a very competitive industry MOE is always looking at new ways to achieve an edge in relation to the competition. One such edge was a new way of working with references and CVs in relation to public tenders and bid management. MOE decided to use Orbit as the platform for their new solution.  

The finished system has been labeled MOE | Kompetencer and holds approximately 10.000 references and 800 CVs. It is integrated with a number of other back office systems, including Maconomy and MS Active Directory. It is used every day by a large number of employees in Denmark and abroad in working with public tenders as well as for knowledge sharing and management of courses and certifications.

The solution also holds a number of subfeatures such as project preselection for CVs, picture database, advanced notifications to both employees and management when things needs attention, as well as easy accessible workflow management to make sure that MOE always have the right CVs and references ready for the next big tender. 

Prior to Orbit, MOE used an outdated Microsoft Access-based system which was unable to meet the needs and demands we had. MOE was looking for a system with high flexibility, good search functions and the possibility for a standardized design output. The Orbit platform had a number of the features we were looking for and a very development-oriented team. 

MOE now has the system we were hoping for. We now have a shared platform where we share CVs and references with the possibility to search for employee skills and experience across the entire organization. The most important aspect for us is that we always have up-to-date CVs on our employees. Now, there is only one version of each CV, which means all the “hidden” CV versions that people had lying around before are gone for good. It has decreased the time we spend on our tender- and prequalification process. Also, the visual profile on our printed material has become more clean and professional. 

We have experienced Orbit as a professional partner which throughout the process has been highly solution-oriented and innovative, which is why we have already recommended Orbit to other companies in our network. 

Morten Andersson


Modules included in the case


Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.


Case stories, customers and references structured in Orbit help you in your bid management process and win more projects. Integrates with Orbit Profiles.

Image library

With the Orbit Image library, it is possible to use the same pictures for multiple references in a fast, easy and intuitive manner. 


Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.


Variations lets you create several different versions of references and CVs, thereby allowing for different angles on the same projects or people.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know when to update certain projects.

Language support

With language support it is possible to add multiple languages to a solution. This means that references can be translated into several languages.

Additional features

The solution also includes a photo library where all reference photos are stored. From here they can freely be linked to specific references. The library holds customized metadata fields for different types of photos, making it easy to add i.e. project number or photographer to a photo. The library also holds all employee photos - these are updated from MOE's central picture server once a day and are automatically connected with the right person based on AD-data. 

MOE is organized in divisions, each with a secretary responsible for CVs and references located within each division. These are the primary users of MOE|Kompetencer. However the solution has four different levels of access control.
  • Division secretaries - access to all features (including creation and deletion of references and CVs).
  • Bid managers - access to creating variations of both references and CVs for tender purposes.
  • Project managers - access to make changes to and variations of their own project references.
  • Normal employees - access to update their own CV, search and export CVs and references from the system.