The story of Orbit starts back in 2011 when Secoya began to develop a system for managing CVs and references to be used in sales and tenders in larger companies in the engineering- and construction industry. Since then a lot has happened.


  • First version of Profiles and Reference modules are created. Back then we called it Showcase.
  • First client in the construction industry signed.



  • We changed the name from Showcase to Orbit.
  • First clients started using Orbit outside of Denmark.


  • In 2014 we saw a large influx of new clients, and new clients often need new features or enhancements on existing features.
  • First client in the architecture, and facility service industry signed.


  • Besides developing the new platform structure we also created new modules for CRM and Ressource management
  • First client in the machine engineering and energy industry signed.


  • Orbit for Outlook was launched in order to accommodate a more seamless connection between Projects, CRM, Files and Outlook.
  • A large upgrade of the Project and Interaction modules was initiated. This included a totally new design for all of Orbit. 


  • The new design which changed all of Orbit meant that large parts of several modules had to be reorganized, rewritten and redesigned. 
  • We adopted key open source technology from Facebook and initiated a close collaboration with developers from Facebook in enhancing and iterating on their GraphQL framework, in which we are among some of the leading companies in the world. 


  • Orbit launched the current logo and visual identity. 
  • The Orbit for Mobile app was launched.
  • First client in the public sector and consumer design, and manufacturing industry signed.

How Secoya became Orbit

The foundation of Orbit was laid out back in 2006, when Secoya was started as a web development company. We made websites, online shops, apps and custom applications. 

However in 2011 we started to develop what we today know as Orbit, and in 2013 we stopped making websites, shops and other applications.

Orbit Online is based in Aarhus, Denmark and is subject to a privat joint ownership between CEO René Dalsgaard Larsen and the employees of the company.

Orbit Online has been awarded a Bisnode AAA credit rating six years in a row from 2013 to 2019.