How do you host Orbit?

Orbit comes with a flexible hosting plan. It is possible to host Orbit on your own hardware in case this is the best solution in relation to your company's IT policy, however the majority of our customers choose to let us host Orbit as a 100% cloud-based service.

This allows us to take advantage of a high-end hosting setup placed with Amazon Web Services. Physically the servers are placed in Ireland in order to ensure compliance with laws and legislation regarding data protection and privacy applicable in the European Union.

Orbit is placed on virtualized servers, which gives us the possibility to scale any Orbit solution from very small server setups to extremely large configurations able to handle thousands of simultaneous users as well as an almost infinite amount of data without suffering any decrease in performance at all.

This also includes the possibility for load balancing, effectively tuning servers up and down to match the performance need at peak points with many users or large data traffic.

What about security?

At Orbit we are serious about security. All Orbit servers and their associated services such as databases and file storage as well as the repositories that hold the source code, which makes up Orbit, are protected by two-step verification. Any Orbit employee with access to critical systems cannot log in to any system without both knowing his or her password and having a physical device generating time-dependent one-time passwords.

Your data in Orbit is encrypted and subsequently backed up every night. Only Orbit has access to the encryption key and the encryption is performed on the Orbit servers, meaning no cleartext data is ever sent to the backup location.

All connections to Orbit are encrypted with TLS (successor to SSL). This allows users to access Orbit from unencrypted WiFi hotspots in e.g. airports without having to worry about a malicious third-party spying on the connection.

If you have any specific questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us.