Enhance collaboration

Orbit can be configured to send out notifications about pretty much everything. Most common solutions are set up to send out individual notifications on:
  • New projects that you are connected to
  • New tasks that need your attention
  • Weekly/monthly digest mails on activity
  • Changes made to your profile/CV by others
  • Updates by others on projects you are working on
  • Updates to articles and pages you are following
  • New references that need your attention

Never forget anything

Orbit Notifications is a powerful tool that can help close the gap between intention and daily use. Very often people forget to update projects and articles, not because they do not want to. With Notifications the system stays first in mind.

Additionally Notifications is a very effective way for management level of the organization to stay informed about what goes on in their department or the company as a whole. It is of course important to ensure that the amount of notifications is at a desired level, as failure to do so will make notifications from Orbit seem as spam over time.