Fully integrated

The image library can be integrated with the rest of the Orbit platform, meaning that pictures can be used in wiki articles, references, profiles etc. 

The image library of course integrates with the Orbit search engine, making sure that it's easy and extremely fast to find the right picture, even with thousands or millions of files to choose from.

Orbit image library also integrates seamlessly with Orbit Files meaning that it is possible to have access to all files directly on your desktop, while automatically getting new files and changes in the blink of an eye.

Easy to use

Adding files to the image library is as easy as opening the right folder on your desktop, selecting the files you want to add, and simply dragging them into the browser window. This will initiate the transfer, and you can continue your work in Orbit, while the files are uploading in the background and are placed into the right folder in the image library.

The image library supports customizable metadata fields to be added to different file types and/or different folders. This means that it is possible to add "date of photo taken" and "photographer" to PR-photos, and "project number", "photo location" and "project photo description" to case specific photos.