Maintain control on all levels

Orbit is designed from the bottom up with a powerful access control system which allows for a completely customized setup for each solution. This means that everything within Orbit can be access controlled. From modules to content and even buttons and specific features - everything can be divided into individual access groups.

Access control is extremely important when working with knowledge management in large organizations - for several reasons. The first and very obvious reason is, that there will always be information, knowledge and features that should only be available to certain groups of people. Financial figures that may be highly confidential in one organization may be public in another, and strategy documents that may be extremely sensitive in one organization, may be printed on the walls in another.

Avoid information overload

Secondly advanced access control is very important as it prevents information overload, as it only presents users and employees with the information, news and projects that are relevant to them - rather than throwing the combined throng of data at them. 

The bigger the organization, the more important it becomes to filter and sort the available knowledge and information in an intelligent way and only give users what they actually need. Access control is an invaluable tool in doing so.

Of course access control is deeply integrated with Orbit Search making sure that users are only presented with the results that are relevant and available to them.