Orbit Social connects people

Orbit Social is a corporate or enterprise communication tool which basically transfers employees' interest for social communication into a business context, hence making it easy for people to connect - often informally - and communicate, share knowledge, exchange ideas etc. in a business context.
Yet being fairly new in an enterprise context, Corporate Social Computing is an innovative way of using the same and highly effective social communicative mechanisms known from Facebook and Twitter in a corporate context.

Orbit Social is supported by Orbit for Mobile

Employees can use the Orbit Social mobile app and reach out to each other via Twitter-like features announcing big wins or asking a quick comment on a difficult topic etc. The feature is fully flexible and designed to support key employees working on-the-fly. Besides Twitter features, Orbit also supports different social aspects known from Facebook i.e. wall, comments and “likes”.

Check out Orbit for Mobile in the Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Extension modules


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know when to update certain elements.


Orbit Social benefits from the possibility to integrate to a wide array of third party systems including HR, social media etc.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.

Active Directory (AD)

Integration with Active Directory makes several usernames and passwords a thing of the past. Once logged into your computer - you have access!