Full two-way integration

Orbit for Outlook integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and makes it easy to save emails directly to a project or a CRM activity. The module will add an "Orbit area" to Outlook. Here you can drag-and-drop emails and files from Outlook to Orbit and attach files from Orbit to emails. At the same time different information from Orbit is available in Outlook:
  • Orbit events can be copied to your calendar.
  • Colleagues are transferred from Orbit Profile to your contact list in Outlook.
  • CRM contacts from Orbit are available directly in Outlook.
  • Project tasks and sales activity to-dos
  • Archived e-mails from projects as well as journaled e-mails 
These features make it easy and fast to navigate your email history and handle files and contacts. For users who spend much time working in Outlook, this extension bridges the gap between Orbit and Outlook perfectly, and will provide a significant improvement to work routines. 

Share knowledge - save for the future

Orbit for Outlook also makes project correspondence intuitive by letting users:
  • Drag-and-drop individual emails or attachments directly to a project so everyone in the project team gets the same information rather than Cc'ing and forwarding emails.
  • Use External invite to allow clients to follow email history as well or even archive their own emails to the project.
Orbit for Outlook can also be enhanced to journalize all mails sent and received in the organization. This way, you can use the search power of Orbit to find not only your own emails, but also those of both current and previous colleagues.