What is Orbit TimeTracker?

Orbit TimeTracker is an easy-to-use desktop widget for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to track and log time in a fast and simple way. The TimeTracker integrates seamlessly with Orbit Project making all tasks and activities that you are assigned to accessible directly in the widget. 

To use the TimeTracker you simply type a word in the "What are you doing?" tab and hit enter, and the timer will start. To switch to something else, for example a meeting or a phone call, you simply type "meeting" and hit enter, and a new "clock" will appear. By the end of the day it's easy to add a bit more information to each task before logging the time, such as client name, a description of what you've been doing etc.

Based on the label and description you use, the system will automatically search through all tasks in Orbit assigned to you and suggest the most relevant ones, thereby making it very easy to find the right one. Once found, you can commit the time to Orbit with a single click. This means no more filling out forms or finding each project in the ERP or economy system.

Reporting and overview

Once the time is logged in Orbit it is represented on each task, activity and project. It will accumulate upwards allowing a quick overview of the amount of time logged to a project and all it's sub-activities and tasks. 

Furthermore it's possible to get a detailed report for each project or a cross-project report of all billable hours, meetings, support or whatever meta-label you decide to use for your individual tasks in Orbit. 

It is of course also possible to get a report for specific people or teams in order to get a full overview of hours spent for each employee. 

Orbit TimeTracker even keeps track of time if you forget about it - and will alert you if working without an active clock running.