Orbit Files makes it easy and fast for users to handle and edit files both internally and externally. Orbit Files manages files just like you would on your computer: in folders with drag-and-drop movement of files and folders – both within the system and up- and download. Orbit Files furthermore makes it possible to synchronize specific projects to your local computer meaning that all folders and files become available on your PC for you to open, edit and save. All changes made will automatically be synchronized with Orbit and with every user synchronizing the same project - this makes loading and working cross-platform fast and easy.

Key features include:
  • Version handling, backup and conflict control – files are never lost or overwritten by mistake.
  • Automatically generated data – author, creation date, project number and much more for easy and very fast search.
  • Files stored within Orbit – all files are always right next to their relevant project, persons etc. - both online and offline.
  • Intelligent link between Orbit Project and Orbit Sales- a unique way of connecting files produced in the sales phase with the subsequent created project after it's won, giving an excellent overview and link to the sales process.
  • Only synchronizes relevant data – only parts of files that are changed are synchronized which results in very fast synchronization.
  • High security – files are protected with 8192-bit encryption, meaning that they are virtually impossible to break.
Orbit Files takes the best of three worlds: file handling in a classic folder structure, synchronization features as you know them from Dropbox or OneDrive and a search function as powerful as Google at your fingertips.

Core features

Outlook plugin

Orbit integrates seamlessly with Outlook making it easy to get information from Outlook to Orbit - and back. Emails, contacts, files and more.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced, combined searches through millions of files in an instant.

External invite

Invite external partners or your clients to work with you on a project. You can manage exactly what elements and documents they should have access to.

Access control

Access control lets you control which users should have access to certain information and features. You can have as many access levels as you like.