Put your organization's knowledge into Orbit

Orbit creates the optimal platform for building, sharing and ultimately transforming knowledge into real value for your organization and business. Orbit is a cross-organizational sharing platform designed to integrate the processes and resources that make up your daily work life. Files and documents, projects, people and knowledge - everything is there. We can shape it exactly to the needs of your organization. The compromise of fitting the organization into constraining and rigid frames of standard software is gone with Orbit. 

The platform itself is built from standard modules, which can be tweaked and balanced to fit your desire. At the same time Orbit supports a large degree of custom development meaning if we don't already have exactly what you need - we can build and integrate it into your solution in no time. 

Orbit is not only a system, a selection of modules and features - it's a development platform that lets us build brand new systems and features at a fraction of the time normally spent on advanced software development. 

Orbit Modules


An easy and innovative way of managing all aspects of projects including files, discussions, planning, tasks, resources, Gantt charts, dashboards etc.


Manage organizational resources quickly and simple. Structure by workload, department and skill-level, or get a detailed view of your team resources/own planning.


Advanced file- and document management supported by advanced user rights management and a state-of-the-art desktop synchronization client.


Case stories, customers and references structured in Orbit helps your bid management process and wins you more projects. Integrates with Orbit Profile.


Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.


Orbit Sales bridges the gap between customers, users and projects. Easy way of handling sales processes, pipeline, leads, clients and sales initiatives.


Organizational knowledge structured like Wikipedia makes it easy to read and follow articles, share and comment as well as making new pages.


Orbit Social is a corporate or enterprise communication tool which basically transfers employees' interest for social communication into a business context.

Orbit Extensions

Orbit Filesynchronizer

Orbit file synchronizer is a Dropbox-like desktop client that allows you to work with files directly on your computer, while changes are automatically synchronized.

Orbit for Outlook

Orbit integrates seamlessly with Outlook thereby making it easy to get information from Outlook to Orbit - and back. Emails, contacts, files and more.

Orbit TimeTracker

An excellent way to track time fast and easy. The TimeTracker integrates with Projects giving you fast access to all of your tasks when you need to log your time.

Orbit for Word

Merge and use project data such as customer name, contact information, project name and project manager directly into your Word templates.

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