A small Danish IT company is catering to some of the biggest companies in the world. Secoya develops software solutions for Microsoft and Shell – among the world’s 20 most valuable companies. Secoya also cooperates with ISS, which has 530,000 employees worldwide. On top of this comes one of the largest Danish companies, the dairy giant Arla.

According to René Dalsgaard Larsen, CEO of Orbit Online, these big international players chose Orbit because the company offers superior technology, fast and flexible delivery, and a clear focus on added value for the customer.
  • What our customers seem to appreciate the most is our ability to translate their daily routines into user-friendly, functional solutions. Our product development is user-driven, and our industry-specific solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers, with us guaranteeing the choice of the correct technical solutions.
  • These big companies are beginning to realize that there are alternatives on the market that give them the best of both worlds: Products tested and used by many customers in many different industries, but with the possibility of obtaining a tailor-made solution that will support the specific needs of their organization.
Orbit has for example recently delivered an extranet solution to Microsoft in Finland. The solution focuses on service for eight big company restaurants serving more than 10,000 employees.

Orbit is providing the extranet solution in cooperation with ISS. In the wake of the successful deployment in Finland, ISS has now endorsed Orbit as extranet supplier for ISS for the whole of Scandinavia. ISS is the biggest Scandinavian player in the field of facility services, and holds a huge amount of similar service contracts with other Nordic clients. The strategic alliance with ISS Nordic therefore gives Orbit a unique opportunity to deploy its web solution broadly across the Nordic countries.

Orbit Online develops and implements online-based knowledge-sharing systems and advanced file and document management systems. The company specializes in knowledge-sharing, targeting large companies, typically with cross-border activities and a large number of users spread across multiple locations, and with a need to integrate different software systems.
  • Orbit creates coherence and clarity by integrating processes and resources that are vital to efficient work and collaboration. Orbit offers a range of modules that can be combined and customised to suit the specific needs of the client, such as project management, intranet, wiki, document management, references, and CV and competence management for each individual employee. On top of this comes internal communication based on social media technologies such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Orbit is a development platform designed to offer maximum flexibility. That means we can rapidly develop tailor-made solutions, allowing the cost of adjustments to be remarkably low compared to our competitors.
Orbit is used by a number of companies, including the consulting firm Valcon, the engineering consultants MOE and the energy company Shell.
About Orbit:
Orbit Online, founded in 2007 and situated in the Katrinebjerg IT district of Aarhus, has been awarded a AAA credit rating and was named a “Gazelle Company” in both 2012 and 2013. Orbit Online develops and implements web-based knowledge-sharing systems and sophisticated file and document handling software. Secoya specializes in enterprise solutions, including the knowledge-sharing platform Orbit. Secoya has 15 employees, has had an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent for the last three years, and expects to continue this rate of development in the future. Secoya generates 30 percent of its turnover outside Denmark – a proportion set to rise to 50 percent over the coming three years.
For further information, please contact René Dalsgaard Larsen, mobile +45 22795969, mail rdl@orbit.online