References and CVs are essential to the tender process in the engineering and construction industry. However, many companies in the industry lack a complete overview of their executed projects. Furthermore, staff CVs are rarely entirely up-to-date, including the employees’ latest courses and newest competencies. This shortcoming can prove expensive in both time and money.
It’s all about finding the specific projects and competencies best suited for the assignment. The more qualified the employees, and the more relevant the references, the higher the probability of winning the tender. If this part of an organization does not perform in the best possible way, it could mean the difference between winning and losing projects for large amounts of money.

To address this problem, the Danish software company Orbit, a knowledge-sharing platform which offers a tool for managing references and CVs that is tailor-made for the consulting, engineering and construction industry. Orbit is used by some of the biggest players in the business, including MOE, Orbicon, Balslev, MJ Ericsson and Arkitema.

Morten Andersson, head of development at MOE:
We chose Orbit because we needed a single unified system with good search facilities for our references and cases, competencies and CVs. By using Orbit, our department for tenders and procurements is guaranteed to receive the best and most relevant references that MOE has to offer. This strengthens our competitive advantage. In the past we’ve had a tendency to use only a fraction of our back catalogue, because we didn’t have a full overview of our complete portfolio of references, competencies and CVs. Now we’re able to establish that.

According to Morten Andersson, Orbit has improved the quality and homogeneity of the material MOE uses in connection with tenders, acquisitions and sales activities. He also emphasizes the user-friendliness of the Orbit system.

According to René Dalsgaard Larsen, CEO of Orbit Online, the strength of the Orbit platform lies in the fact that it integrates with other technologies used in the workplace, such as project management and time-tracking. In relation to references, Orbit is able to automatically generate master data on all new projects. Furthermore, Orbit reduces the amount of time spent manually updating CVs. Orbit links individual employees directly to specific projects by using information from ERP time-tracking systems. From there, the project information is automatically transferred to their CVs.

In this way you can ensure that all the information is up-to-date, and you can also search in a multitude of ways across a wide range of parameters. If, for example, you are working on a tender to renovate apartment buildings within a certain budget, you can search using these two parameters. The system itself will generate a list of relevant projects. You can also find the employees assigned to these projects, together with their competencies and experience in that specific area.
René Dalsgaard Larsen, CEO of Orbit Online:

Orbit is already used by some of the biggest players in the Danish engineering and construction industry, and we are now talking to some of the big European companies in the industry. This underlines the export potential of the Orbit platform – a potential we will try to utilize in the coming years. We also intend to extend our sales efforts to other parts of the consulting business, including accountants and lawyers. We believe that all consulting companies who need to document their qualifications through references, competencies and CVs could benefit from Orbit and its ability to provide access to the best and most relevant references.
For further information, please contact René Dalsgaard Larsen, mobile +45 22795969, mail
About Orbit Online:
Orbit Online, founded in 2007 and situated in the Katrinebjerg IT district of Aarhus, has been awarded a AAA credit rating and was named a “Gazelle Company” in both 2012 and 2013. Orbit Online develops and implements web-based knowledge-sharing systems and sophisticated file and document handling software. Orbit specializes in enterprise solutions, including the knowledge-sharing platform Orbit. Orbit Online has 15 employees, has had an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent for the last three years, and expects to continue this rate of development in the future. Orbit generates 30 percent of its turnover outside Denmark – a proportion set to rise to 50 percent over the coming three years.