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25/08 2014
Secoya slår hul på det skandinaviske marked

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Some of the world’s largest companies are choosing Danish software
A small Danish IT company is catering to some of the biggest companies in the world. Secoya develops software solutions for Microsoft and Shell – among the world’s 20 most valuable companies. Secoya also cooperates with ISS, which has 530,000 employees worldwide. On top of this comes one of the largest Danish companies, the dairy giant Arla.

Finnish contract opens export window for Danish software developer
Secoya, a Danish IT development company specializing in enterprise solutions, is now entering the broader Nordic market. Secoya is providing an extranet solution for Microsoft in Finland, focusing on food and service in eight large internal restaurants serving more than 10,000 employees.

Software optimizes the tender process in the engineering and construction industry
References and CVs are essential to the tender process in the engineering and construction industry. However, many companies in the industry lack a complete overview of their executed projects. Furthermore, staff CVs are rarely entirely up-to-date, including the employees’ latest courses and newest competencies. This shortcoming can prove expensive in both time and money.

It’s all about working smarter
Secoya is at the forefront of Enterprise Knowledge-Sharing – using strong growth to develop systems focusing on work process integration, user-friendliness and social technologies.

Leveraging an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent, Danish software developer Secoya is now increasing its focus on web-based knowledge-sharing and systems for file and document management. 

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Secoya awarded AAA credit rating - 6th year in a row
Secoya have been given a AAA credit rating for the sixth year in a row. in 2019 374 companies in Denmark within software development has been given a AAA credit rating. 

Who knows what at your company?
There is lots of information floating around in your organization. Someone knows everything about project management, someone else is an expert in 3D-modelling, but in many organizations the knowledge of who knows what is nowhere to be found.