Orbit Interaction is a range of features and modules that transform the Orbit platform into a powerful intranet solution. Rather than providing a communication platform for one-way communication, where seemingly static information can be provided from the administration to the rest of the organization, Orbit Interaction makes it easy and intuitive to participate, discuss and improve on the information and knowledge available.

Orbit Interaction includes:
  • Activity feeds
  • News
  • Events
  • Calendars
  • Articles & pages
  • Notifications (in-system & e-mail)
  • Full access control
  • Flexible design framework that supports customized interfaces
On top of the standard features, the platform is flexible enough to support custom-built features in order to accommodate every need for new or specialized features.

Extension modules

Access control

Access control lets you control which users should have access to certain information and features. You can have as many access levels as you like. 


Orbit Intranet can be integrated with other systems such as ERP, project management or websites, thereby reducing time spent typing in info.


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know about news or important changes. 

Active Directory (AD)

Integration with Active Directory makes several usernames and passwords a thing of the past. Once logged into your computer - you have access!

Additional information about Orbit Intranet

A very flexible access control system makes it possible to customize every aspect of the system: who should see what, be able to comment on which posts, create new events, news, pages etc. It is of course also possible to create "closed" pages or articles that are only available to a select range of people, groups or departments.

In larger organizations a brand new filter-system helps prevent information overload, by allowing each user to customize exactly what information they receive and from where. Most commonly people will choose to get updates from their own department, management as well as departments in other locations working within the same field as themselves. 

Orbit Intranet is deeply integrated with other modules, such as Profile or Project. This means that articles can be linked directly to profiles or projects making it easy to create articles about for example best practice, or lists of people responsible for certain areas or initiatives. 

It is of course possible to integrate Orbit Intranet with external systems and services, such as Microsoft Exchange, ERP systems, newsletter services and booking systems.