One platform for all your Grant Management needs

Orbit is a module based platform, and can be tailored to fulfil the grants management needs of the individual university from pre-award to post-award. Orbit covers the following areas:
  • Profiles and curriculum
  • Grants and awards database
  • Budget planning
  • Funder contact management
  • Research administration
  • File and document management
  • Project management
  • Resource management
Depending on the existing IT systems data can either be migrated to Orbit or easily integrated.

Never miss important information again

No matter the type of grant and the requirements of the research project, Orbit will remind PI and key research team about important deadline and document. 

That includes:
  • Human ethics
  • Animal use
  • Biohazard & Radiation
All documents and communication related to these key steps are logged and serve as documentation and audit log.

Integrated workflow management

Orbit can support your grants management needs better, faster, and with less project risk and help the PI run his project after award. Orbit introduces new technology in the grants management market - for example automatic document synchronisation and real-time workflow configuration. 

Orbit supports the full project lifecycle from ealy planning and grant management to delivery and research documentation in order to save time in administrative tasks for all involved in the project.

Profiles and CVs

Orbit Profile and CV is an excellent way of managing large amounts of knowledge and information about the employees of the organization.

Funder database

Orbit CRM adds a new dimension by effectively bringing funders, funder contacts and partners into the Orbit ecosystem. 

Research administration

Orbit Project contains both a perfectly intuitive setting for project work and powerful tools for research administration and project management.

Files and documents

Orbit Files consists of two main components fully integrated with each other and all other Orbit modules: managing files and synchronizing files.

Orbit for Outlook

Correspondence and knowledge stored in context of the actual funder and project means that important information is never lost

Orbit Time tracker

Most knowledge-based organizations depend on tracking and billing each employee's working hours. The easier it gets - the more accurate the registrations. 

Resource management

Orbit Resource is a stand-alone module for managing employee resources. The module includes deep integration with Orbit Project and Orbit Profile. 


Orbit Intranet can be integrated with other systems such as ERP, project management or websites, thereby reducing time spent typing in info.