Who should do what?

It is rarely hard to keep track of a business with just a few employees, but quickly the amount of tasks that needs to be done in order to maintain daily operations grows to a level, where it gets difficult to keep a structured overview of who should do what, when and where. 

Orbit provides an easy-to-use project- and task management module that allow you to work with projects and tasks both for your clients and internally:
  • Projects which can hold activities & tasks, deadlines, time estimates and structured workflows and approval processes.
  • Interactive to-do list that makes it easy to figure out who is scheduled to do what and allow you to quickly change responsibilities and timelines around when needed.
  • Keep files, documents and e-mails in one place, by having a cloud drive for each project complete with e-mail archiving from Outlook, external sharing with clients, version handling and local disk synchronization like you know it from Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Time registration for projects and tasks using a desktop widget, making it fast to keep track of what time goes where, thereby making it easier to bill clients or keep track of time spent.
  • Interactive Gantt to give you a better and faster overview of when individual tasks should be performed in relation to one another.    

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Keep track of sales, pipeline and clients

Ensuring new assignments and projects as well as managing existing clients and follow-up are key to running a business. No sales - no business. 
Orbit provides a range of tools for making all this easier:
  • Database of clients, companies, external partners, subcontractors and more
  • Elaborate personal profile for each contact with each client/partner.
  • Sales activities for each client to manage follow-up, tenders, pricing, sale probability and more.
  • To-do list to give a fast overview of what ongoing sales processes needs attention.
  • Pipeline and sales activities dashboards for better overview
  • Exports - get your data into Excel or feed it into other systems.
  • Deep integration with Orbit Projects, allow you to use CRM companies for projects, as well as convert sales activities you win into projects, thereby forming an intuitive link between the sale and execution phase.

Who has the time and the skills?

Figuring out who should carry out what tasks quickly becomes a daily puzzle that combines needed knowledge both on the task at hand, as well as the skills and qualifications of the available resources. In short: Who would be the best suited person for the job, and who have the time to actually do it? 

Orbit Resource provides:
  • Overview of people and workload, in order to identify available resources and bottlenecks.
  • Overview of projects, in order to identify which projects have unassigned tasks that need attention.
  • Filter on the skills and competencies of your team, in order to find the right person for the job, by using information from Orbit Profiles.
  • Plan ahead by making schedules with the needed resources and skills, rather than the needed people, and then assign the right people later.
  • Deep integration with Orbit Project allows for automatic creation of resource allocations and schedules based on assignment to specific projects or tasks combined with time estimates.  

related modules

Project management

Orbit Project contains both a perfectly intuitive setting for project work and powerful tools for project management. It is a top-of-the-line solution combining functionality and usability.

Resource management

Orbit Resource is an easy way to get a thorough overview of the workload within your business area, department, team or a certain professional group or skill.


CRM bridges the gap between customers, users and projects. Easy way of handling sales processes, pipeline, leads, clients and sales initiatives.


Advanced file- and document management supported by advanced user rights management and a state-of-the-art desktop synchronization client.

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