Monitor your acquisitions

Most companies have a well-defined market strategy but has limited resources to execute it. Therefore it is extremely important to guide the organization towards a common goal and only spend time on selected tenders.

Orbit for architects provides the following tools to obtain this:
  • Process template capturing your unique acquisition process.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Stage gates to stop undesired acquisitions or endorse strategic important ones.
  • Reminders to follow up on tenders and upcoming projects.
  • Statistical data like win/loss ratio and hit rate within a given segment. 

Optimize quality and resources

To maintain a high quality in the delivery process and at the same time avoid unnecessary stress in the organization, it is important to have an overview of available employees and their skills.

Orbit gives this overview though different utilization reports segmented by:
  • Department
  • Area of responsibility
  • Geography
  • Skill or qualification
  • Employee type or title
When assigning tasks Orbit automatically suggests the employees with the  most time on their hands first, and can be set up to only suggest employees with the correct skills for the particular task.

Unique marketing tools

When submitting for tenders it is extremely important to have a high quality of data and up to date list of employee CVs and case descriptions. They must be relevant to the the tender and fulfill any requirements defined in the tender material.

Orbit has a built-in CV- and reference management database:
  • Search and filter employees by i.e. skills, education and experience. 
  • Search and filter previous work by i.e. economy, segment, time and customer type. More than 250 different data fields for CVs and references are available.
  • Export directly to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Indesign in your design and template.
  • Advanced rights management and automatic GDPR compliance. 

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