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Projects and resources 

Tyréns chose Orbit because it combines resource- and project
Wicotec Kirkebjerg
Wicotec Kirkebjerg

Full business platform

Combining multiple modules unlocks the true power of the Orbit business platform.
Arkitema Architects
Arkitema Architects

Improved tender process

Arkitema went full Orbit: Projects, Profiles, References, Intranet and a load of business logic.

CVs  & references

MOE needed a flexible CV- and reference management system to handle approx. 10.000 references and 800 CVs.

The right people need the right tools!

No matter which industry you're in: engineering, construction, consulting, architecture, industrial machinery, public service - or something completely different, we have business modules that will allow you to go higher and get the most out of your most valuable ressource: People.

To make this possible we have created Orbit. A business platform that allows us to make configurable, integrated business solutions to power everything from small architecture companies to global corporations.

No matter if you need a project management system, a better overview of employee competencies, a new ressource management system or a better way of handling files and documents - or all combined, Orbit provides a solution for your organization.

Let's work smarter - Let's Orbit!

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