Overview and user-friendliness

Convision is a people placement IT consulting company. They only have a small number of regular staff, but a vast number of freelance IT consultants and external experts that are sourced and recruited for shorter or longer periods of time. Therefore, it's Convision's ability to find the right person for the job that ensures a successful placement for both consultant and client, and, ultimately, this is a deciding factor for whether or not Convision will be the company clients call the next time they need an IT consultant.

In order for this selection process to happen effectively, Convision needed to upgrade their existing work methods. Prior to Orbit, Convision would manage the consultants in a large spreadsheet and a folder structure with thousands of PDFs and Word files. This led to a lot of linking, e-mail correspondence, and it required that staff remembered file locations and versioning.

Orbit provides an easy way to create, search and manage a large number of profiles. It's easy to create and export standardized CVs based on the profile information, and each employee is able to log in and update their profile - including adding when they expect to be available for new assignments. New consultants are automatically created in Orbit through an integration with Convision's website. This way, Orbit facilitates a much quicker work process while enhancing the overall overview.
Our previous solution didn’t have the search functions we needed, and we couldn’t export Convision profiles the way we wanted to. In general, the old solution was troublesome, and we ended up not using it in the process of finding consultants for assignments. Therefore, we had been considering getting a new and effective CV database for a long time. The aim for this solution was to ease said process and optimize searches among the CVs and profiles in our database.
Orbit has given us a manageable database where we can base our search on parameters like competences and archetypes. This makes it easy for us to get an overview of all candidates and to find potential candidates distinguishing between occupied and available personnel. The automatic notifications add to the general visibility of candidates for assignments and has made Convision more visible to the candidates.
Consultants can easily edit their own profiles, and assignments can be attached to profiles. Clients can be given access to the database, and, moreover, we now have a uniform Convision profile when exporting profiles.
Working with Orbit has been easy and without obstacles. They always made the deadlines, were forthcoming and showed great interest and insight in Convision’s line of business and needs. Orbit consistently followed up on issues in the early phases of implementation and proactively suggested possible features they thought could be of use to us. We are happy with our Orbit solution and it is of great assistance in our day-to-day worklife.

Nina Jensen

Sourcing Manager



Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.


Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.

Language support

With language support it is possible to add multiple languages to a solution. This means that references can be translated into several languages.