Three systems become one

Per Aarsleff had three separate systems handling references, CVs and courses & certifications. The systems overlapped, lacked synchronization and were controlled by different employee groups. This led to redundant processes and outdated data, and Per Aarsleff needed a system capable of integrating all three processes to ensure updated information and speed up lead and tender phases.
The Orbit solution integrates all three modules and synchronizes data seamlessly between them. This means that Per Aarsleff is now able to go from prequalification to tender with all references and CVs up-to-date, and in turn both are updated with relevant information as projects are initiated and finished. Another very important part of the updating of profiles for Per Aarsleff is the constant revision of employee authorizations, certificates and vaccines. These are all updated continuously in the courses & certifications module which automatically transfers relevant information to profiles.
Consequently, Per Aarsleff has improved the overall quality of the information delivered to the client. Furthermore, they have reduced the risk of outdated information, sped up both prequalification and tender processes and all this is done with less man-hours spent.

The biggest challenge we face throughout the tender process is the extensive demand for documentation, because it takes time to standardize data and integrate different data sets.

Orbit has helped us a great deal in this respect – both when forming the right work group and when manning our construction sites. With Orbit we have replaced three systems with one, and furthermore we get the benefits of collecting all data in one system – a quick and complete overview.

Charlotte Therkelsen

Divisional coordinator

Modules included in the case


Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.


Case stories, customers and references structured in Orbit help you in your bid management process and win more projects. Integrates with Orbit Profiles.

Image library

With the Orbit Image library, it is possible to use the same pictures for multiple references in a fast, easy and intuitive manner. 


Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.


Variations lets you create several different versions of references and CVs, thereby allowing for different angles on the same projects or people.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know when to update certain projects.

Language support

With language support it is possible to add multiple languages to a solution. This means that references can be translated into several languages.