Why the Orbit Start-Up Program?

Starting a company is easy, however making it a success is not. We want to help start-ups by providing our software platform and knowledge thereby greatly raising the chance of achieving that success. We want to remove one more obstacle for a new company.

At the same time it is an experiment: What happens when you provide high end tools to a start-up company, that are normally only available to large companies with resources? Do they perform better? To they grow faster? Are people happier or less stressed? Do they accomplish more?  

We want to find out - and we want you to be part of it.

FAQ - all you need to know

Who can be part of the Orbit Start-Up Program?

Small companies with more than 5 and less than 20 employees and a good growth rate. 


We want to help you and in order to do that we need to meet regularly, and therefore we only accept Danish companies at the moment. 

What part of Orbit is included?

Almost all of it. The program includes the modules that does not require customer specific configuration. Thereby the solution does not include any integrations to third-party systems, custom dashboards or exports. 
Modules included:

How do you become part of the program?

You simply fill out the application form to the right, and you will hear back from us within two weeks whether you have been accepted or not. If you are accepted you will need to sign a standard contract defining responsibilities and limitations. The contract is identical to what all regular clients sign.

What does this cost?

Nothing. Orbit will cover implementation, server hosting, backups, upgrades as well as introduction to the system. 

Is this forever?
No. Orbit has costs related to running servers, backups etc. The program lasts for two years or until you pass 30 employees, after which license and backup fees will be introduced. As long as you are below the user limit, you will still be part of the program, however we would at some point like to stop paying the full cost of running your solution. After the two years, the monthly fee per user will be 300,- DKK.

Are there other limitations?

Yes. You will receive a server that is more than powerful enough to run a solution for a company your size, however the disk capacity will be limited to 100 gigabytes of data. Orbit is a business platform - not a free storage service. 

On what criteria are companies selected for the program?

The most important aspect when evaluating applications is: Does the company need Orbit? We are of course looking for the best possible matches, meaning companies to which we have something valuable to offer.

We will also be looking at size, business strategy, track record and growth. We are looking for companies that we can help get to the next level in their development, not save an established company some money on their IT/software budget. The more insights you can give us on how you run your business and where you experience difficulties, the easier it is for us to evaluate if and how Orbit can help you.  

What will you need from us in return?

Three things basically:
        • We need you to use the solution. If you're not using it we would rather provide the opportunity to someone else. 
        • We need to learn how Orbit works in your organization and we will thereby be expecting insights into how you use the system, what works, what gives you troubles etc. We will expect to have a quarterly follow-up meeting face-to face or online. This is both in order for us to learn, and to make sure you get the most out of Orbit.
        • If you use Orbit and your company thrives as a result of it, we would like to be able to tell your story. We therefore claim the right to use your company as a case on our website and in our marketing. You can see examples of other cases here.
Can we sell or transfer our Orbit solution to someone else?
No. In case you don't need it anymore your Orbit solution will be closed. The solution is given exclusively to your company. In the case that your company is sold or merged to/with another company or entity, the contract will be considered void and terminated.  

Who owns my data - and what happens if we decide to stop using Orbit?

Your data belongs to you and you alone. Orbit owns the platform - you own the content you put in. In case the contract is terminated, you are offered an export of your data, such as time registrations, files etc. This export will be done free of charge. 

Apply for the Orbit Start-Up Program here

Base information
Name of company
Number of employees
CVR number
Name of contact person
Phone number
Tell a bit about your company, what you do, your history, vision and where you want to go.
What current software systems do you use and which ones would you like Orbit to replace?
What would you like to use Orbit for and how do you think Orbit would be able to help your company?


The information provided will only be used in relation to the Orbit Startup Program and will not be provided to any third-party.